Tuesday, 25 April 2017

TIPS to improve efficiency of your Office space

Today’s life, in business environment many employers analysing office efficiency and productivity.For improving these efficiency, PESH GROUP provides best policies and solutions to our clients and customers. Some of the policies we are explaining and illustrating here. PESH GROUP gives these solutions that can help our clients and customers to create their lives easier and enjoyable that can positively effects the productivity and cost-effective work environment.

·        CLEAN DESK – 
    To establish a company practice where employees maintains the cleanliness and efficient work space. For this monthly clean-ups to reduce cutter around the office.

    Regardless of which office tools employees use to track the activities, make certain all employees use it to notify the rest of the team when they are travelling. At a client site, working from home or may be on vacation.

   Build an infrastructure that allows server and E-mail access wherever an individual may be in the office (e.g., conference room, training room etc.)

     Encourage employees to share their cell phone numbers with co-workers so they can be contacted when out of the office or on tour. Make sure all employees respect the privacy of their co-workers and keep all shared cell numbers confidential. 

   Their employees in technology that allows and encourage remote sharing of information like SharePoint, Skype, GoToMeeting etc.

   Set aside specific meeting spaces that must be “reserved” for use, and communicate to employees how and when to reserve them. Also, if available, designate a smaller room/area for “on demand” meetings that do not need to be reserved. Our company think about this types of perfect solutions during construction.

    Establish methods for employees to indicate their “unavailability” for meetings, contact or interruption during times when concentration is paramount. This can be something as simple as closed door or phone on “Do Not Disturb” or the use of scheduling tools to carve out a block time as “busy” or ”unavailable”.

  Design and implement an efficient electronic filing systems to eliminate duplication of information and the administrative time required for manual filing. Centralize printing facilities in strategic locations on the floor to mitigate excessive printing and also minimize the noise in the open work space.

·      DAYLIGHT 
    Research says that people are more productive when work environment and good office construction provides an open view to the outside environment. Allow blinds and interior doors to remain open when possible. Means we provide best solutions for office constructions with best home automation and building automation solutions. Pesh Group has implemented in Midas Tower Hinjewadi, by going for tall windows with open views & depth of building is such that DAYLIGHT in all looks of corner of the building.

   Create opportunities where individuals can share their personal experiences or skills. Reserve time in meetings where the addenda allows for personal communications, rather than completely focusing on business.

We PESH GROUP gives best SERVICE in Building and Housing constructions, excellent EFFICEIENCY in our customer services, QUALITY in our promises and products, and last but not the least RELIABILITY.

For more details you can visit us www.peshgroup.com

Sunday, 9 April 2017

How to Improve Efficiency of Your Office Space

Each and every second of your employee’s time is gold. Is your office environment justifying it?

Well, it’s an important office attribute which one should consider to ensure high productivity and better business outcomes. Following are some of the ways to improve the efficiency of your office space:-

·         Meeting Rooms

A lot of time goes wasted inside a meeting room. Instead, use the coffee or the water drinking area as a strategic area for conducting regular meetings. This will not only shorten the meeting time but would also free up the space occupied by the meeting room for increasing the work desk area.
However, only for the cases where top management level meetings are to be conducted or the meetings that require a projector, the meeting room shall be used.

·         Ergonomics

While it is important to use each inch of the office space however it should be kept in mind that the space should be ergonomically organized. Ergonomically planned space, equipment and furniture eventually help in increasing the productivity of the employees and avoid the complaints of muscular skeletal problems like neck pain, back pain, joint pains, carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

·         Light

According to a research study, it was found that the employee productivity increases if the natural light is allowed to seep into the building. It helps in energizing the employees and also lets them have the Vitamin D.

·         Temperature

It is very important to have temperature control ducts inside the office. This helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the office and hence allows the employees to just focus on the work, regardless of the unsuitable temperature prevailing outside the office. This also helps in minimizing the discussion amongst the employees about the outside temperature, hence leading to an increase in the productivity

·         Signage

Use of signage and the floor map helps a new person navigate around easily without disturbing the other employees. In the absence of signage boards and directions, the newcomers may disturb the employees, hence hampering their productivity.

·         Refreshment Area

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” 

One cannot expect the employees to work continuously at a stretch. While on project management sheets it may look good however practically working at a stretch may lead to the deterioration of the cognitive ability of the mind, loss of concentration as well as muscular skeletal health issues. Therefore it is very important to have a refreshment area where the employees can have access to pantry, gym, table tennis, pool table etc. depending upon the budget of the business and the available space in the office.

·         Organize the Space

The mind works the best at a place which is neat and tidy. Make sure to have dustbins and shredders easily accessible for the employees on the floor. This will help in keeping the place clean.
While the above-mentioned suggestions are based on the researches done across various offices present around the world, however, it is important to analyze your current office efficiency and thereby try to implement the shared suggestions that fit in your office work environment and culture.

Monday, 27 February 2017

TAX Free IT offices on rent Hinjawadi pune

Pesh group is offering SEZ hinjewadi,Phase 3 premises at lowest rate(Rs.10 per sqft for 1st 6 months cold shell) to companies who can seal the deal or occupy before 31st March 2017.

Its 11,000 sqft to 35,000 sqft [3 levels] in Ready to move in bare shell format & upto 4 Lakh sqft space in Built to suit format [As per clients specification] 

We are happy to announce International standard IT offices are immediately available on lease from 50 seats to 5000 seats.

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Industrial Shops For sale Bhosari MIDC

“Pesh Industrial premises” - A ready, “Industrial shops & offices” 

A Industrial park designed in a classic roman architectural style & “built to suit” essential needs of Industrial entrepreneurs & traders.

On Tata Motors Main road Industrial galas / shops / office space immediately for sale at discounted price.70% of project is sold .Hurry Up!!! Few shops left.Work in prestigious & iconic office to grow your business. Pesh Industrial premises is at corner of two main roads.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sunil Engineers “- “Industrial workshop space” at Bhosari MIDC, Pune .

  1. Suitable for Manufacturing, Engineering, Fabrication companies.
  2. Power supply - 3 phase 200 HP.
  3. Round the clock water supply for both drinking & common usage.
  4. Ready with Truk Docks.
  5. Height of shed is 9 & 10 mt below eves.
  6. Equipped with overhead crane 5 & 7.5Ton HOT
 Best Suitable for Manufacturing, Engineering, Fabrication companies.

Project Structure:- Plot area 37,000 sqft with 23,000 sqft covered & 14,500 sqft open area.

Contact for site visit / Information For more information & guided site visit please call us on 9225655602/ 10.